Find the Best Loan Modification Company in US With Great Reviews! Avoid Scams & Foreclosure, restructure your loan. We search for legitimate loan modification companies, so you don't have to!

Loan Modification with Top US Company! No upfront Fees, means you pay after your loan is modified.


-Trying to Avoid Foreclosure?

-Received a notice of default (NOD) or notice of sale on your property from your lender?

-Have an adjustable loan that you want to fix?

-Lost equity on your house and can not refinance?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, a loan modification may be the answer to your problem! 

Loan Modification is the most effective tool you can use if you are facing a financial hardship and are having a hard time making your payments. With a loan modification, your loan is restructured so that is more affordable and will fit your budget. This is accomplished by either reducing the interest rate, reducing the balance or a combination of both. If you have any late fees they can also be waived or added on to the loan balance - a home saver if you are a couple months behind and would not be able to come up with the money! Bottom line - a loan modification will allow you to afford your mortgage payments and help avoid foreclosure. Loan modification companies can get you approved.

We come across so many homeowners who are facing foreclosure and can not afford their mortgage payments. In almost all cases, they are looking for a company that can complete their loan modification and not charge until process is complete. Avoid loan modification scams as there are many companies out there that are charging upfront fees and it is difficult to get your money back if they are not around.

While you can contact the lender directly and try to renegotiate your own loan, it usually does not yield the optimum results. This is due to your lack of experience, not knowing lender’s procedures and qualification guidelines for paperwork that need to be submitted, and sheer amount of calls required to generate response back from the lender.

Lenders and servicers are very busy with desperate homeowners trying to save their homes from foreclosure. Unfortunately, they do not have the man power or the capabilities to save everyone. It is also worth mentioning that the lender’s loss mitigation department which is responsible for dealing with delinquent homeowners, is hired by the lender and will fight for the lender. Common sense tells us that lenders will look out for their interest first. Big lenders such as Bank of America Loan Modification Department, Wells Fargo Loan Modification Department, Chase Loan Modification Department, Citi Loan Modification Department, Wachovia Loan Modification Department, Suntrust Loan Modification Department, and many others are backed up with modification request, so it will take some work to get through to their representatives. It will require some real fancy footwork to deal with them.

Special Note: Beware of TV and radio ads for loan modification. Many times, these are just generic ads run by lead generation companies. They route your calls to whoever pays them for leads, so who knows who you will talk to when you call! The following sites are maintained by the actual companies and only they will call you back. You WILL NOT get bombarded with 15 phone calls from 15 different loan modification companies if you fill out their contact forms like other websites out there!

Check out the loan modification calculator on the site. It will tell you what you can expect your payment to be if you qualify!

Best US Company in US According to many previous clients, lender's loan modification department and other web sites:



Residential loan mod

5 Stars   5 star


This loan modification company is one to talk to for sure. Nextwave Financial has many programs with several lenders and no upfront fees.

Especially successful with Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Countrywide in getting instant loan modifications completed, these guys really know how to get a modification approved with any lender. They have to, because that's the only way they can make any money!

They are a performance based loan modification company that only charges once you have seen results. They have excellent underwriters that know how to prepare your financial statements the right way, to get you approved even if you have been denied by your lender previously

Click here to be taken to their web site directly!




Commercial loan mod

5 Stars   5 star



If you are looking for a commercial loan modification, then look no further. CNWF is the company with qualified experienced underwriters who are very familiar with commercial loan workouts. They can handle commercial multi-unit apartments, strips malls, restaurants, service  stations, multi-use commercial and much more. Commercial loan modifications are very different from residential and you need a company that knows the process.

Click here to be taken to their web site directly!

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